Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Significant Entropy

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What is the destiny? All the ancient texts speak of good and evil . . . and of man’s need to choose between them. What is evil, if not a natural law? Darkness followed light. Chaos followed order. Entropy was fundamental. Everything decayed. The perfectly ordered crystal eventually turned into random particles of dust.

There are those who create . . . and those who destroy.

Krishna in Gita tells the same thing ...who are we to chose what we want to do...create ...destroy...It's HIM. It's Him who has a choice ...Angel or Demon ..any one of them can create or destroy ...Make life or death the destiny ...Good or evil...darkness or light...Sun is bright ...but the moon is less bright and disappears during the day allow for the presence of the Sun to be felt ...But it comes back as soon as the day falls ...To make everyone aware that it's still there ...It has not lost its vigor ...When Krishna shows his grand personality "Viraat Roop", it has good as well as evil as well as death ...light as well as darkness ... order as well as chaos ...signifying the very truth of existence and non-existence on this earth or any planet in this universe ...Every God,Demon,Human being has a good and evil within itself...each fighting with the other or making peace with the other depending upon what the Good or Evil wants ...and not what We want ...Surprising ..isn't it?But that's what the truth is...As always bitter ...Who are we to feel good or feel guilty of our deeds? ...Who are we to decide what is good and evil? Who are we to take pride in what we do or blame evil on others? Who are we who think they can bring change? No one ...No one ...No One ....


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