Friday, July 31, 2009

Make a wish ...

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Click on this image, cross your eyes and make a wish ...

Most readers will probably recognize this one right away as an autostereogram (also
called Magic Eye), a popular fad in the 1980s and 1990s. Autostereograms are computergenerated images which when viewed with crossed eyes, appear as a vivid threedimensional image magically suspended in mid-air.
So if you have not yet seen the image hidden in the picture, please give it a crack now. It works best if you place your face about 30 cm from the image and then cross your eyes until an image appears. Make sure to make a wish before doing so.
If you don't know how to cross your eyes, see this.
The scientific explanation for how Magic Eye images work is rather simple. The image
consists of a series of repeating patterns. For the type of autostereogram that I used in the comic, the image appears as a random set of dots when viewed normally. However, when a viewer looks at the image at close distance while crossing her eyes at just the right angle, each of her eyes are fixed on a different set of an adjacent pair in the repeating pattern and her brain mistakenly perceives the two patterns as a single image at a different distance.

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Thursday, July 30, 2009


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I was trying to compile some of the stuffs in my native language ... :P
The saying is "One who does not know Maithili deserves one's ears to be pulled"
जे ने बूझै मैथिलि, तकर कान पकैर क ऐंठ ली ... :)
हिन्दी --> मैथिलि ( उदाहरण )

अ़ब / अभी --> आब / अखन (अब चलो --> आब चलू / चौलू )
कब --> कखन (कब आओगे --> कखन ऍब / ऐबय)
तब /तभी --> तखन (मैंने बोला तब उसने बोला --> होम कहलियय/कहल्यैन, तखन ओ कहलखिन )
कैसे --> केना (ये कैसे हुआ ? -- > ई केना भेल ?)
कैसा --> केहेन (अब तबियत कैसी है --> आब तबियत केहेन अईछ / अई)
--> कनी (मुझे थोड़ा सा चाहिए --> हमरा कनी चाही)
(मुझे थोड़ा सा हीं चाहिए -> हमरा कनिक्के चाही)
क्यूँ --> कीयै (ये क्यूँ कर रहे हो ? --> ई कीयै क रहल छी ?)
क्या --> कथी / की ? (क्या कहा? --> की/कथी कहलयय?)
कहाँ --> कत्त (कहाँ जा रहे हो ? --> कत्त जाई छी ?)
कौन --> के / कून (कौन/किसने बोला --> के कहलक ?)
(कौन सा खिलौना चाहिए --> कून खिलौना चाही ?)
मैं/हम --> होम (मैं झा बोल रहा हूँ --> होम झा बाईज रहल छी)
तुम/आप --> अहाँ (आपका नाम क्या है ? --> आहाँ के नाम की अईछ ?)
ये --> (ये क्या है ? --> ई कथी/की छई ?)
वो --> (मुझे वो लाल वाली चुडियाँ दिखाओ --> हमरा ओ लाल वला चूड़ी देखाउ )
है / हैं --> अईछ / छी (मेरे पास पैसा है --> हमरा लग पैसा अईछ)
उसका --> हुनकर ( ये उसकी कार है --> ई हुनकर कार छैन / छई)
इसका --> हिनकर /एकर (इसका मैथिलि क्या होगा ? --> एकर मैथिलि की हेतय ?)
बोलो --> बाजू (तुम बोलो --> अहाँ बाजू)
बोला था --> बजने छलौं (तुमने बोला था --> अहाँ बजने छलौं / )
बोला जाएगा /बोलोगे --> बाजब/कहब ( बाद में बोलोगे की मैंने कहा --> बाद में कहब/बाजब जे होम बजलउ /कहलउ)
बोलने वाले हैं --> बाजोँ वाला छी
बोल रहे हैं --> बाईज रहल छी (तुम बोल रहे हो --> अहाँ बाईज रहल छी)
शाम --> सांझ
नहीं --> नैयं (मुझे नहीं खाना नहीं खाना --> होम नैयं खैब / हमरा खाना नैयं खै के अईछ)
कुछ --> किछो (कुछ भी बोलो --> किछो कहू )

Common sentences
खाना हो गया ?
-- भ गेल खाना ?
आप कैसे हैं ?
--अहाँ के की हाल चाल ?
मैं ठीक हूँ
-- होम ठीक छी
मैं इंडिया जा रही/रहा हूँ
-- होम इंडिया जा रहल छी
एक काम करो
--एकटा काज करू
तुम मुंबई कि तरफ़ जाओ मुझे ऑफिस में काम है
--अहाँ मुंबई के तरफ़ जाऊ हमरा ऑफिस में काज अईछ
आज का दिन कैसा गया?
-- आई के दिन केहेन गेल?
मैं पागल हो गई/गया हूँ
-- होम पागल भ गेल छी
क्या कर रहे थे
-- की क रहल छलौं

some more .... English --> Maithili
I --> होम
he --> ओ
She --> ओ
You --> अहाँ
It --> ई
One/two/three --> एकटा / दुटा /तीनटा
Come --> आउ
Came --> एल्खिन
Will come --> एथीन
Open --> खोलू
e।g. open it now --> आब खोलू
it's open --> ई खूजल छई

Opened --> खूलल / खूजल
e.g. it has opened --> ई खुइज गेल छई
he opened --> ओ खोललखिन

Will open --> खोल्थींह / खुजतई
e.g. it will open --> ई खुजतई
Ram will open it --> राम एकरा खोल्थींह

Sit --> बईसू
Walk --> चलू / चौलू
Eat --> खाऊ
Drink --> पीबू
Win -->
Go -->
Run -->
I go -->
He goes -->
He eats an apple -->
He is eating an apple -->
He ate an apple -->
I saw the film last week -->
She came by bus yesterday -->
They went to the mosque -->
He slept the whole night -->
He wrote well in the examination -->
He has eaten -->
He had eaten -->
He had gone -->
He had come -->
He will eat -->
He will go -->
He will come -->
What is your name? -->
What -->
Is -->
Your -->
Name -->
What did you do? -->
What should I do? -->
What can I do? -->
What are the questions? -->
What were the questions? -->
What is the last question? -->
What is written in the letter? -->
What you had been told? -->
What will be the answer? -->
Why did you come? -->
Why did you sleep? -->
Why did you tell him to go? -->
Why did he bring the bag? -->
Why did she pay the money? -->
Why did they sit there? -->
Why do you drive the car? -->
Why are they late for the meeting? -->
How did you come? -->
How did you sleep? -->
How did you drive? -->
How did you write? -->
How many apples are there in my hand? -->
How many did you take? -->
How much did he pay you? -->
How was the journey yesterday? -->
Which way did you come? -->
Which is your favourite colour? -->
In which room did you sleep? -->
Which story did you tell? -->
Which is the sweetest fruit? -->
Which is the best newspaper? -->
Which Indian state has the largest population? -->
Where did you come from? -->
Where did you sleep? -->
Where is the manager’s cabin? -->
Where should I go? -->
Whom should I contact? -->

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