Thursday, June 15, 2017


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कल अकेला मैं खड़ा था
आज सबके साथ हूँ 
क्या हुआ जो कल अकेला 
मैं जो फिर से हो गया । 

आने या जाने से मेरे 
या किसी भी और के 
ना ये दुनिया रूकती है 
और ना रुकेगी ये कभी ।  

साल तीन -एक हो गए अब 
दिन - ब - दिन सब सीखते
कान खींचे और कभी - कभि
आँखे भी थे भींचते । 

मैं कड़क हूँ मानता हूँ
पर कड़कती धूप में 
दीये गीले रक्खे जाते 
कौड़ियों के सूप में । 

और जलाये फिर ये जाते
धू - धू करती आग में 
फिर सजाये जाते हैं वो 
दिवाली के दीप में । 

हमने सीखा और सिखाया
हाथ पकड़े साथ में
हो सके तो याद रखना 
कोई कभि -किसी पाठ में ।

अलविदा यारों अभी सब 
चैन की सांसें भरो 
खुश रहें हम आप भी 
ये प्रार्थना हीं सब करो । 

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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

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मैं हूँ हिन्दू और तु मुस्लिम 
जान ले अब गौर से 
मैं गुरू हूँ तू है कातिल

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Friday, June 17, 2011

Love ...

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People feel lonely; they need somebody to fill their loneliness. They call it love. They show love because that is the only way to hook the other. The other also calls it love because that is the only way to hook you. But who knows whether there is love or not? Love is just a game. Real love is possible, but that happens only when you don't need anybody!
If you go to a bank and you need money, they will not give you any. If you don't need money, you have enough, they will come to you and they will always be ready to give you.
When you don't need a person at all, when you are totally sufficient unto yourself, when you can be alone and tremendously happy and ecstatic, then love is possible. But then too you can be certain about only one thing: whether your love is real. How can you be certain about the other? But then there is no need.
This continuous anxiety – whether the other's love is real or not – simply shows one thing: that your love is not real. Why be worried about it? Enjoy it while it lasts! Be together while you can be together! It is a fiction, but you need fiction.
Behind declarations of love there is nothing but need. You want your lover to be with you to fill your emptiness and so too is the case with her. You are both trying to use each other as a means.
That's why lovers, so-called lovers, are always in conflict – because nobody wants to be used, because when you use a person the person becomes a thing, you have reduced him to a commodity.
One day when you are really awake you will be able to love – but then you will be certain about your love only. But that's enough!
Do you love yourself ? You have not even asked the question. When you are really blissful on your own, you don't want to use anybody. You simply want to share it. And you will feel thankful that somebody was ready to receive. That is the full point.
There is no way to be certain about the other – first be certain about you.And a person who is certain about himself is certain about the whole world. Settled, centred, grounded in yourself, you never worry about such things. You accept.
If somebody loves you, you accept it because you love yourself. You are happy with yourself; somebody else is happy – good! It does not get in your head; it does not make you madly egoistic. You simply enjoy yourself; somebody else also finds you enjoyable – good! While it lasts, live the fiction as beautifully as possible – it will not last forever.
When a love is finished, you start thinking it was false – that's why it has come to an end. No, not necessarily. It may have had some glimmer of truth in it, but you were both unable to keep and hold that truth… You needed love, but you were not capable of it.
When you are aware, a totally different kind of love will arise in your heart – which is absolutely true, which is part of eternity. But that is not a need – it is a luxury. And you have so much of it that you hanker for somebody to share it with.
Courtesy Osho International Foundation

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Monday, January 3, 2011

धुंधली यादें

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ज़िंदगी छितरा गयी है
चीथरों में गुम गयी
 लाल सुर्ख होठों की यादें
 धुंधली सी हो गयी

इक बरस है और बीता
बिन तेरे प्रेमी सखा
सर्द रातें दिल को छेदें
ज्यों अमावस की घटा

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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

It sucks :(

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Have you been to a reunion of your school batch recently or a reunion of your ol'pals?
Sometimes I feel so shitlike :(. Apparently such reunions are not only to re-unite with your old pals but are also meant to keep your scores (of success) :(. Consider this:

You go to one such reunion and then there's this guy who you always rated "D-minus" during your old school days. Your professors always said this guy will bring a bad name to everything he gets associated with. He comes in the middle of the party and is introduced to you by a common friend from your batch thus:

"Hey pal, ...and here is Gulshan. (??) He just became CEO of his company blah blah blah... and here's from his old gang ...Sheila .. she just got rewarded as President of Falana Dhimkana company ...Then you must also know Sheikha ..she just had a beautiful daughter  ... And who doesn't know our own Harry ... he just sold his start-up company to Google for $ 1200,000,000. ...
And then these guys try hard to identify with you ... and then one amongst the group says :

"Anyway, ...It was good to see you again!"

"C'mon ... Let's go guys ..."
They head to their chopper waiting outside .... and take off ...


Well, believe me sometimes I really feel like this ... and today is one such kick-ass evening :(

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Saturday, September 25, 2010

तुम पर रंग डारूं पिया ऐसे

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तुम पर रंग डारूं पिया ऐसे, तू मेरा बन जाए
राधा के प्रेम में कान्हा, तब तू सन जाए

मैं हूँ तेरे रंग की प्यासी, कृष्णा देर ना कर
तेरे प्रेम के सागर में से, मांगू चुटकी भर

मुझे अपने संग रंगीले, रंग दे लाल मगर
मुझे छोड़ कन्हैय्या मत जा, फिर तू किसी डगर

मुझ पर रंग डारो बनवारी, मैं तेरी हो जाऊं
तेरे चरणों की मैं दासी, तुझमें खो जाऊं

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कृष्ण ही जीतेगा

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क्यूँ चुप चुप है, दिल की बातें आज बता दे यारा
ऐसा ना हो जाय चली वो, दिल का खोल पिटारा

खोल पिटारा दिल का तू अब, ना कर इसमें देरी
खोने का डर सच्चा हो, जो बात ना तूने छेड़ी

बात जो तूने छेड़ी, तो फिर दो बातें बस तय हैं
हाँ बोले या ना बोले वो, दिल की तेरी जय है

दिल की तेरी जय है क्यूंकि, हाँ बोला यदि उसने
दिल उसका भी तेरा होगा, वो भी तेरे बस में

ना बोला जो उसने तुझको, चिंता क्यूँ है करता
जीतेगा, बस कृष्ण वही, जो कोशिश करता रहता

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